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Register And Verify Your ID

Sign up and go through a very simple and interactive identity verification process and start trading immidiately!
If you have already created an account, just Login here
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Create New Exchange

Login here to your PoFela account, click on 'New Exchange' and you will be redirected back to the homepage. In the SEND, select what you want to send to us e.g Naira (NGN) and on RECEIVE, select what you want us to give you in exchange e.g BITCOIN (BTC). Fill other relevant informations.
- Read more on how to buy and how to sell on pofela

Order Process & Funding

Processing time is 20mins-12 hours, usually, we will fulfil all order in less than 20minutes. Once PoFela is able to confirm your transaction either by Naira or on the Blockchain network, we will fund you accordingly and mark your order as "Processed"
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Awesome Testimonials

Thanks pofela.My transaction was swift.I celebrate you guys.
from BTCarchibong
Pofela is simply bitcoin exchange in seconds!
from rockstar
I, Gabriel Esekie could not believe it as my money was paid into my account in no time. First,support was very responsive and secondly,they really have all the time for you in case you run into any difficulty. What really impressed me was the speed at which the money requested for by me was paid into my account without delay. I wish you the best pofela.
from esekie100
Sell Rate Update successful.Buy Rate Update successful.50$ BTC Value Updated.